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We supply a wide range of cable tray products for domestic as well as international industries.

What do we have to offer?

perforated tray

Perforated Tray

Perforated cable trays offer optimal ventilation and efficient cable management, featuring precision-designed perforations for enhanced heat dissipation. Ideal for diverse applications, these trays ensure a neat and organized wiring system while promoting airflow, making them a versatile choice for modern industrial and commercial setups.

ladder type tray

Ladder Type Tray

Ladder-type cable trays provide robust support for cables in a structured pathway, offering durability and easy access for maintenance. Their open design facilitates excellent cable visibility and optimal airflow, making them a reliable choice for heavy-duty industrial and commercial cable management solutions.

junction box

Junction Box

Junction box serves as a centralized point for cable routing and connection, streamlining cable management systems with efficiency and organization. Engineered for accessibility and safety, it ensures secure containment and easy access to facilitate maintenance in industrial and commercial applications.

cable raceway

Cable Raceway

Cable raceways provide a sleek and concealed solution for routing and protecting cables, enhancing aesthetics while ensuring safety and organization. These versatile channels are perfect for surface-mounted or hidden installations, delivering a tidy and efficient wiring solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

steel rack

Steel Rack

Steel racks offer robust and reliable storage solutions for a variety of applications, providing strength and durability for heavy-duty items. With their sturdy construction and customizable designs, these steel racks efficiently maximize space, making them ideal for warehouses, workshops, and industrial facilities.

slotted angle

Slotted Angle

Slotted angle provides a versatile and adjustable framework for constructing sturdy cable management systems. With its perforated design, this cost-effective solution allows for easy customization and secure cable support, catering to the unique needs of diverse industrial and commercial settings.

cable trays

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